Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Mustache sighting!

I saw an excellent 'stache yesterday, and it made me very happy. It's hard for me to describe, other than it made me feel warm and alive inside - this guy's 'stache made me feel like home. Also, it kinda looked like a shelf, a place to keep his most valuable possessions, like mustache wax and the dreams of little children.

I bought patio furniture and a grill yesterday, so not only is my deck inhabitable and functional for Cinco de Mustache!, it's now ready to rock for general use and recreation. So if you live around Philly, come to my house and eat meat with me. I'll make it special for you and then we'll have a pants party. My deck will be full of win and awesome.

Friday, March 9, 2007

More ideas

So I was thinking that in the background of the CdM parties, there should be a constant rotation of mustache-heavy films. I thought of a couple:

Commando (Vernon Wells (the fat Australian dude))
Super Troopers (All except Rabbit)
Smokey and the Bandit (Burt Reynolds)
UHF (Weird Al Yankovic)
Three Men and a Mustache Baby (Tom Selleck)
The Pink Panther (Peter Sellers)
Cocoon (Wilford Brimley)
Anchorman (All)

Any conspicuous omissions?

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Just in time for the most wonderful time of year

Courtesy of Wes - one of the most important innovations in the world since penicillin.




Mustache smileys. I think the last one will be me. First one will be Wes. Middle one is Ron Jeremy?

Also, if someone is lame, they're a straight stache.



Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Ground Rules

Cinco de Mustache is such a vibrant and magical time of year that it's easy for it to get out of hand. Therefore, some ground rules should be laid down and added to so that we have many-folded splendor to celebrate each year. Here is the law of the land thus far for the parties.

1) Mustache required for admittance. This can be an actual mustache (preferred) or a fake one - some creative people have a handlebar mustache tattoo on the inside of their index finger which they then put to their face. Other people (like I have) write "mustache" on the inside of their fingers. Good and great ideas like this will obviously be tolerated.

2) The Cinco de Mustache theme must be sung at least once as a toast and whenever else is deemed necessary by the host(s) or guests. The theme is sung to the Cinco de Mayo song, with the following lyrics:

Ai yai yai yai
Cinco de Mustache!
The kids that are hip they grow hair on their lip
They throw down their razors and don't give a shit
They grow and grow and grow
So let your mustache show
Ohhhh, yeaaaaaaa

This was stolen from a Less Than Jake record (Hello Rockview), so refer to that or the link at the bottom of this page - - for their rendition. That website also seems like a most awesome resource.

3) Awards will be handed out in categories including, but not limited to, the following:
- best handlebar
- best molestache
- best hulk hogan

Suggestions, of course, will be weighed and considered by our venerable panel of experts.

Confirmed CdM parties: Philadelphia, Denver.
Possible CdM parties: Boston

If you want to host a CdM party, tap into our burgeoning network of mustache enthusiasts!


This works. I think we could even have a whole media kit up here.